Montana Care Home charges fees in line with the current rate of fees paid by the relevant social / health placing services. For more details about fees and methods for paying, please see our separate Terms and Conditions of Residency (and Financial Agreement for Self-Funders). Residents’ contributions to fees (or the full amount for some who self-fund) are usually collected by four weekly Bank Standing Orders. The fees are reviewed annually and usually change (subject to government guidance) each April. Current fee levels may be obtained from the Manager.

Most applicants are eligible for financial assistance with their fees. This can be explained in detail by the relevant Social / Health Services Department, but typically consists of a payment from Social Services of around £806 per week, with the remainder payable by the applicant from his / her benefits.

Others with more than the ‘minimum level of savings’ (set each year by the Government) have to pay the full care home fee (they become ‘self-funding’). For these people the NHS helps by making a small contribution towards fees.